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FastR is the cross discipline hub encapsulating all things motorsport and automotive with the ultimate goal of creating greater accessibility and exposure for a broader range of individuals and organisations.

We are an ever-growing organisation of likeminded, highly motivated, industry professionals who share a passion not only for all things automotive but are all wholly dedicated to the brands core values and aspirations.

Our diverse team pools it’s vast knowledge and expansive skill to continually develop the FastR network with the sole purpose of enriching the experiences of those within but also those prospectively considering embarking on their own journey into the automotive world.

  • Luke Clayton

    Luke Clayton


    Having worked fastidiously for over 18 years to help build one of Europe’s largest apparel and bespoke print solution suppliers, Luke decided to turn his hand to his passion, motorsport.

    FastR was created with the end goal of opening motorsport up to everyone, a cause he is absolutely driven towards. 

  • 0024_FastR_HQ_HP-Edit.jpg

    Rachel Sisson

    Operations Manager

    Having worked with FastR’s Founder in his main business for many years, Rachel joined Luke when FastR was set up in 2018.

    As a highly experienced Operations Manager, Rachel brings her years of experience to the team, ensuring everyone and everything is where it needs to be at the right time.

  • Dan-Bedford---Bespoke-Apparel-FastR.png

    Dan Bedford

    Bespoke Apparel

    Bespoke Apparel forms the backbone of FastR’s business, supplying only high-quality items to some of the biggest automotive businesses in the UK.

    Dan manages this side of the business, working closely with clients to ensure designs, quality and logistics all meet FastR’s rigorous standards.

  • Georgia Bennett – Account Management & Bespoke Apparel.jpeg

    Georgia Bennett

    Accounts and Sales Coordinator

    Working closely with Dan, Georgia is responsible for everything behind the scenes when it comes to bespoke apparel.

    From ensuring a driver’s race suit arrives in time for the first event of the season, to matching colour samples and branding on teamwear, Georgia is key to.

  • Johnny-May-Marketing-director-Partnerships

    Johnny May

    Marketing & Partnerships

    Having built and run a highly successful marketing agency, Johnny joined the team in 2020 as Marketing Manager and works closely with every team member on a daily basis.

    Johnny is responsible for all of our outreach programmes, and has worked hard to rebuild and manage both FastR’s social media & YouTube platforms.

  • Alex and Ursula - FastR Videographers.jpeg

    Alex & Ursula


    Both Alex and Ursula are massively respected within the world of automotive lifestyle media, having worked extensively with the likes of Top Gear, Monster Energy, and Red Bull.

    When you watch any of our industry-renowned epic documentaries, from lowriders in Mexico to our latest Adventure in Dubai, Alex and Ursula are entirely responsible, filming only on Red Cameras.

  • Richi-Yam-Cooper---Engineering-and-Car-Builds-FastR.png


    Engineering & Car Builds

    As our resident mechanic & engineering genius, Yam is tasked with making sure our extensive fleet of both road and race cars are always ready to go and looking their best.
    Having built our pair of E92 BMW M3 drift cars from the ground up, he plays a huge part in the “fun” side of FastR and is never phased when presented with a challenge.

  • Millie-Wild---Social-Media-FastR.png

    Millie Wild

    Social Media

    As a self-taught expert, Millie is responsible for all of FastR’s social media posts and content, which had led to north of 1m followers on Facebook alone.
    Millie works closely with all our Athletes and Partners to ensure that all relevant events and brands are properly represented and that FastR’s fans are constantly engaged.