About us

Who are FastR?

Well, basically, we’re a team of petrolheads, with a love of all things automotive. We live and breathe motorsport, and we want to inspire the next generation of car builders, support staff, and, of course, drivers.

Our mission is simple-to bring you the best content from across the planet. Whether it’s the engineering behind the latest and greatest purpose-built race-car, or the story of one man who’s spent 50 years in his barn perfecting a tarmac shredding, road-storming piece of history, we’re there!

We’ll be bringing you regular video features on some of the most iconic automotive personalities on the planet-from the F1 stars of tomorrow, to the best kept secret in the smallest American town.

But we’re about so much more than that;

We want to inspire young people who love cars, but don’t know how they can find their way into the world of motorsport. From the obvious engineering roles, to the people behind the scenes designing PR campaigns and looking after the all-important sponsors, we want to throw the doors open on professional motorsport, and mentor those who really know what they want!

We’re also one of the UK’s largest producers of textiles, giving us unparalleled opportunities in the world of clothing. From design & production of team wear, through a full range of apparel & merchandise, to the latest homologation FIA race suit, we are unique in how we approach individual requirements, and offer a one-stop, complete turn-key solution for race teams & businesses of any size.

If you’d like to work with us, or think you have a story we’d be interested in, then let’s talk.




Luke Clayton

Luke is our founder, and for as long as he can remember, has had a fascination with anything automotive.

As an accomplished race driver, Luke is never far away from a race track. Whether he’s at the wheel of his super-high-performance Bentley GT3, taking on the best-of-the-best in Time Attack, or piloting a Ford Ka in the Enduro-Ka championship, Luke has a smile on his face, and the determination to not only win races, but enjoy himself doing it.

As he’s worked through the ranks, Luke has realised just how hard it can be for young people to get into professional motorsport. Whether you’re at school and day-dream about building an F1 car for your favourite F1 driver, or middle aged and long to be a professional motorsport photographer, Luke has created FastR in order to inspire; to help realise how they can fulfil their potential, and reach their dreams.