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Arianna's stanced Ferrari 348 standing static on a cobbled path in Italy.


Taking a Ferrari 348 and making it stanced perfection

Published Wed, Mar 23, 2022 4:00 PM

Stanced supercars are almost becoming the norm nowadays however, a few years ago a Lamborghini or Ferrari on air would’ve been a proper show stopper. Classis supercars though are still very much in the shadows when it comes to modifying, yet Arianna’s stunning Ferrari 348 shows that with a bit of thought they can still drop jaws at 100m. 


30-year-old Arianna is not your typical classic Ferrari owner, as she doesn’t own a flat cap (that we know of) or spend her weekends tinkering with carbs to get things just right. She does live in Italy though and has over the past 8 years built probably the coolest-looking 348 we’ve ever seen. 


The Ferrari 348 is one of the less-loved products to emerge from the famed factory in Maranello, yet we’re not quite sure why. It may not have the kudos of its little brother the 355, or its predecessor the 328, but it is a proper Ferrari and has aged beautifully. 
The 348 is a normally aspirated 3.4 V8 that is mid-mounted and has an actual manual gearbox. Remember those? In standard guise, the 348 will kick out just shy of 300bhp, propelling it to 60mph in 6 seconds and although it may not be super-fast now, back in the early 90s when it was released, it was pretty epic and still to this day makes one hell of a noise. 
Arianna’s example is pretty much factory spec if we’re honest, but with a few subtle performance touches. Those wheels for instance are completely bespoke and built to mirror the 348’s original hoops, yet designed to fill the arches properly with the help from it's lowered stance.
Perhaps most importantly it’s super clean. So clean in fact, you could eat your dinner off it regardless that it still gets used in the mountains around her home. Since she bought it at just 22 years old, Arianna has created what may well be the world’s best 348 and that’s a pretty cool thing.


For years the 348 was one of the cheaper Ferraris you could pick up, but people have finally cottoned on to how good they actually are and prices are rapidly increasing. Nowadays, you won’t pay any less than £50k for one and you’ll need to stump up closer to £70k for a good one. 


Arianna’s car was shot by Mike Crawat-one of Europe’s foremost photographers of incredible cars and you can check out his work over at mikecrawat.com. You can follow Arianna's Instagram at @camber_ary.


Engine: 3.4 32-valve V8, 296bhp 
Drivetrain: 5-speed manual 
Chassis: Modified suspension 
Wheels: Unique 348 style wheels 
Exterior: Standard Rosso Corsa  
Interior: Standard, black nappa leather