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This Audi 200 Quattro is the epitome of 80s autobahn bruiser

Published Tue, Nov 3, 2020 9:30 AM

Everyone loves a boosted German super-saloon, right? 
Thomas “Dicker” Reidl’s Audi 200 is one of the cleanest examples of the rare-autobahn-stormer that we’ve ever seen, and when you realise that Walter Rohrl has drunk beer in it, you get the gist of how cool this thing is.


Thomas Reidl, or ‘Dicker’ to his friends, is a car guy through and through. The 41-year-old surveyor lives in the heart of Germany’s automobile country, 60km south of Munich, in Bavaria, and has felt a kinship with internal combustion for as long as he can remember.  

“When I was little, my dad took me to watch rallying in the forests, and it was there I was first introduced to Walter Röhrl and his famous Audi S1,” Thomas says. “That was it-cars were embossed on my soul.” 
When he turned 17, Thomas wasted no time in tuning his first car, a Mk2 Golf. But it would be in 2006 when he found his true love. His lifetime car. His forever. 


And it would take the form of this-an Audi 200. Now, these aren’t the most common of Audi’s, and we can’t remember the last time we saw one over here. But in Germany, they’re more ubiquitous. Only mildly, mind you. 

Thomas’ stunning example is a 1990 2.2 20v Turbo Quattro, which pushed out a not inconsiderate 220bhp when new. It’s still finished in its original Panther Black hue, which Thomas and his friends spent some time getting back to ‘as new’ condition, before coating it with a liberal helping of ceramic sealant. No resprays needed here, thank you very much. 

As soon as he picked it up, he removed the “super dark window tints and a huge biohazard sticker from the rear window.” In fact, other than removing some plastic “additions” when he bought it and adding some subtle carbon goodies, the bodywork is as Audi intended, which suits Thomas down to the ground.  
And that’s how it would stay-a clean, fun, and a rare daily driver, until 2012, which is when Thomas decided that the now aging 200 deserved some love lavished on it. 

So in went the uprated 2.2 20v heart from Audi’s original Q-Car, the S2, complete with Garrett GT30/76 turbocharger, 630ccm Siemens injectors and a homemade charge cooler system. Make no mistake, Thomas meant business, and with a few other trick bits, the car made 450bhp and 650nm on the rollers. 
With all that power under his right foot, Thomas needed some decent brakes to bring it to a stop. After looking at a few aftermarket brake setups, he decided to keep it in-house, and picked up a set of 370mm Audi RS3 brakes, which were (almost) plug & play! These are teamed up with a set of 330mm Phaeton rear discs, keeping the original caliper. That should be enough. 

Wanting to keep it subtle and as OE as possible, Thomas opted for a set of 19” BBS Le Mans hoops, in 8.5 & 9.5” widths, ensuring that not only can you see those mad brakes, but that they receive a decent shot of cooling air when you’re pushing it too. 

The interior of the 200s is, as you’d expect, fantastic, and so Thomas didn’t need to reinvent the wheel when deciding what to do with it. A set of super-rare black leather Audi Exclusive Sport perches, liberated from the 200’s V8 sister car provides a comfortable yet supportive place to be, whilst the headlining and accompanying bits have all been retrimmed in brown Alcantara, with black handles from an S2. 

You might think that the car sits on air ride, but you’d be wrong. It wears a set of KW’s amazing V3s, modified by Gepfeffert to make sure it sits low and still maintains decent travel and ride. Everything on this car is so well thought out, and it shows you don’t need to have a crazy spec list to build a show-stopping car. 


Want an Audi 200? Can’t say we blame you-this era of Audi has become achingly cool, but thanks to rare numbers when new, and people massacring them for the engine and running gear, they’re not exactly easy to come by. 

Prices are literally all over the place, with some examples in Europe selling for well over 10,000 Euros, although there’s currently a black automatic in the UK for just £3,495. That’s got to be a bargain in anyone’s books. Just don’t expect it to be quite as cool (or quick) as this one. 


Thomas’ car was shot by Mike Crawat de Stickere, one of Europe’s foremost photographers of incredible cars. You can check out his work over at www.mikecrawat.com 


Manufacturer: Audi 
Model: 200 Turbo 
Powertrain: 2.2 ABY 20v Turbo, Quattro, 5-speed manual 
- Garrett GT30/76 turbocharger 
- 630ccm Siemens injectors 
- Selfmade charge air cooler 
- Porsche catch tank 
- Bosch 044 fuel pump 
- Log manifold 
- 76mm exhaust self made 
- 450hp 
- 650nm 

  • KW V3 competition with adjustable camber plates, modified by Gepfeffert 
  • Front 370mm Audi RS3 brake discs and calipers 
  • Rear 330mm VW phaeton discs with original caliper 
  • Front original BBS Le Mans 154 in 8,5x19 et47 
With 235/35 19 Hankook Evo S1 
  • Rear original BBS Le Mans 155 in 9,5x19 et47 
With 265/30 19 Hankook Evo S1 
- lips polished 
- blue center caps 
- 15mm spacers 
- Original Audi 200 20v with some carbon details and coated with ceramic 
- MK2 Hella Heckblende red/orange 
- Audi V8 Exclusive Sport complete leather in black 
- Headlining in brown alcantara and black handles from Audi RS2 
- NARDI steering wheel 
- Gear lever in wood 
- Self-made wooden door cards 
- Alpine headunit and a little 10“ sub