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Walero is by far the most advanced fireproof underwear for motorsport available on the market.

Walero’s FIA and SFI approved race and rally base layers are softer, more comfortable and more protective than other base layers on the market. Whilst other products offer sweat and cooling benefits, a lot have a compromised solution for this benefit. Walero knows that you need more which is why all of their next to skin base layers use the same technology developed for NASA astronauts, which actively stabilises body temperature, no matter how much heat a driver faces.

Incorporating super intelligent microcapsules into the yarn before it's woven is the major benefit of Walero. These microcapsules absorb heat energy and gives it back to you below a certain temperature; helping stabilise your body at 37°C degrees and reducing sweat by up to 33%. This thermo regulating technology means that no matter how intense your race conditions, you'll never feel too hot or too cold.

Walero also has added Envirotech+, which is a non-toxic, medical grade antimicrobial that is 99.9% effective against many common bacteria, fungal spores and viruses. This means that it will help keep you feeling fresher for longer and it won’t pong of sweat –making success smell so much sweeter!

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Walero x New Era Temperature Regulating Beanie Hat

At Walero we have teamed up with New Era to create the WORLDS FIRST temperature regulating beanie hat. Again, we use the same technology as in our clothing, Outlast to make sure your head always feels just the right temperature!

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